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Preschool / Kindergarten Curriculum

Reading readiness:

    Storytelling, nursery rhymes, books, flannel graphs, finger plays, etc., are components of the language arts curriculum. Letters and their sounds are introduced and their use is developed throughout the preschool/kindergarten experience. Manipulative skills such as left to right orientation and eye-hand coordination are developed with puzzles, block building, gluing, cutting, coloring, and painting. Kindergarten classes utilize the pre-reading/phonics program, Sing, Spell, Read and Write.

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Mathematical development:

    The curriculum, Mathematics Their Way, is utilized, introducing rudimentary mathematical concepts through counting, geometric shapes (parquetry blocks), spatial relationships (shape games), numerical figures, peg boards, Unifix Cubes, and Cuisenaire Rods.

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Spiritual development:

    The children experience love and concern in a Christian atmosphere. The children learn about God and how He has made Himself known through Jesus, His Son. The children attend weekly chapel services, where singing, prayer, and object lessons are experienced.

Physical development:

    Indoor physical activities include riding tricycles, skipping, jumping rope, games, and toys. Outdoor activities include running, sandbox play, a state-of-the-art outdoor play structure, wagons, hopping balls, and a merry-go-round.

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Artistic appreciation:

    Various art media (glue, clay, paint, crayons, markers, scissors, hole punches, stencils, play dough, finger-paint, collage) are employed to allow freedom of expression and emotional release. Art media also encourages motor skill development.

Music appreciation:

    Basic music skills are taught through the use of CDs and rhythm band instruments. The children have various opportunities to sing and develop an appreciation for music.

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