Lexington Park Baptist Church Preschool is a developmental learning preschool for children ages 2 through kindergarten. Continuing the vision established in 1969, LPBC Preschool strives to be a quality preschool at an affordable price. We believe in play based, hands-on learning. Our preschool and kindergarten students are taught basic Christian truths, social skills and age appropriate academic skills. They will participate in crafts and games that continue to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Kindergarten and preschool students also learn math, science, social studies, reading and handwriting.

    LPBC Preschool is a ministry of Lexington Park Baptist Church and was established to serve the needs of young children and their families. At LPBC Preschool, we regard each child as an individual and unique creation of God. It is our intent that each child's abilities be the gauge by which our teachers adjust and refine our standard curriculum.
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